About us

Coblit is an experienced tech company specialized in Software Development, Manpower and logistic services. Our main competencies cover sophisticated and dedicated applications (Web and Mobile), Web design with social media campaigns, Manpower Outsourcing and Recruiting, and logistic services.

We would like to be a one of the most remarkable (top 10) dedicated business solution provider on the whole Europe.

Increasing effectivity of our partners/clients due to solutions we provide. To be recognized on a market as a  long-term reliable partner.




Members of our team worked for

Software Development

COBLIT creates dedicated solutions supporting and developing your business.

Web Aplications

COBLIT creates dedicated solutions available via web browser. Our solutions can be fully responsive allowing correct display on all devices and operating systems.


High Availability

You have got access to your company from whole over the world. Only internet connection is needed

Highly Tailored

Software highly tailored to company's needs


You can use any Mac, PC, mobile with WEB browser and Internet connection


CRM Systems

Customer relationship management system: Leads, Companies, Opportunities and Events

DMS Systems

Document management system

Workflow Systems

Co Sharing work, documents and making decisions electronically

Mobile Aplications

Solutions which can be used on mobile phones, iPads and tablets. We are able to produce a broad range of mobile software:

Entertainment software

Business applications which use device sensors such as GPS receivers, accelerometers, barometers etc.

Augmented reality software

Virtual reality software

Web Design

COBLIT designs and develops a range of company websites - from a simple presentation of your company's offer to a sophisticated online shop.

Designed according to your needs

Possibility to integrate with third-party applications or services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, company's CRM etc.

Responsive proper view on every device and operating system

Integrated content management system which gives you the ability to easily change content of your webpage

Other Software Services

Software Maintenance

Coblit ensures high functionality of your system:
- Critical request services
- Possibility of service request via online platform 24/7
- Monitoring of hardware and software parameters
- Security solution updates
- Ensuring expected performance of systems

Raporting Services

Coblit builds various reporting tools according to the needs of your business. Thanks to advanced parametrization and sorting of gathered information in our solutions, you will be able to make proper business decisions.

Intergration Services

Coblit integrates even the most specialised and sophisticated systems and peripheral hardware solutions to provide complete communication within your solutions.

System Extensions

Coblit creates dedicated and fully-integrated solutions for your CRM/ERP or other system, saving on acquiring a new license.

Manpower Solutions

Nowadays the realisation of projects in companies is very often delayed or blocked due to a shortage of staff, mainly in the IT sectors. COBLIT has a very wide employee base, which can support your organization and fulfil your needs in this area.

Manpower Outsourcing

Coblit will provide yours organization adequate workers with competences suitable for your needs in a timely manner. It will impact on success of all your projects. Additionally you will not be concerned legal and personnel services within provided employees. Your liability will be limited only to payment for invoice which value will be a sum of amount of time worked by workers multiply by pay rate.

Decreased cost of IT projects

Expanding the scope of projects through a broad base of experts

Access to external know-how and skills

Fixed and predictable cost of employees

No consequences due to termination of employment contract

No need to hire new employees, you will pay only for worked hours


COBLIT is specialised in finding new IT employees. We provide Project Managers, Analysts, Developers, Testers and others. Based on your needs we are also able to find workers outside IT sector. We have experiences with workers from different fields as offices, factories etc.

Access to wide base of candidates

Quick responce to your needs

Lower costs in comparison to internal recruting process

Access to niche employees

Employees with adequate knowledge and expertise

Access to candidates from whole Europe

Team Outsourcing

Are you looking for entire team of employees? We are able to provide you with ready team in a timely manner. Your will pay only for invoice which value will be a sum of amount of time worked by workers multiply by pay rate.

Access to wide base of candidates

Expanding the scope of projects through a broad base of experts

No consequences due to termination of employment contract

Access to candidates from whole Europe

No need to hire new employees, you will pay only for worked hours

Lower costs in comparison to internal recruting process

Other Services


Controlling and stering your devices (Production machines, Internal transport systems, Storage systems, Pumping systems, HVAC systems
Visualizatioof processes (HMI, SCADA, Communication n Systems, Monitoring via Internet / GPRS)
Measuring Systems (Object detection, Flow measurement, Barcode scanners and RFID, Automatic visual inspection)

Design & Analysis

Requirements analysis
Process analysis (i.e. UML, BPMN)
Technical analysis
Prototyping/UX Design(high and low-level UXPIN, AXURE, ARIS)
Functional-technical projects

Auditing & Consulting

Hardware audits (servers, networks, workstations)
Software audits (licenses, efficiency, completeness)
Solution selection consultancy
Provider selection consultancy
System development consultancy
Identifying bottlenecks within processes
Systems consultancy

Project Management

(Classical and AGILE methods)

Internal and external project management services
Project Management consultancy
Project Management methodology training
Coordination of third-party providers
Preparation, audit and update methodology used in organization


If you have got a brilliant idea for an IT service or product but finance is prohibitive - don't worry! We can help you raise funds from EU institutions or other investors.

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Our core clients are from the Europe countries, but we are happy to work with clients from all over the globe.

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